What we do

What we do

InvestSense provides a range of wealth management services that assist individual and corporate clients protect their assets and create wealth.

Our wealth management services include:


Local and Offshore Investment Planning

InvestSense has created a bespoke range of local and offshore model portfolios on the Allan Gray platform. These have been created to achieve a variety of investment returns and risk tolerances levels, which cater to the needs of our clients. All our portfolios are actively managed on a regular basis and only top fund managers make the rigorous selection process. This effectively offers an additional layer of security. Utilising our preferred asset manager, InvestSense also oversees the effective management of local and offshore share portfolios (R3 million for local and R5 million for offshore).


Retirement Planning

Individuals, prior to retirement, need to ensure that they are maximising the tax benefit offered by company retirement funds and/or retirement annuities. It’s important to invest time in the initial planning phase of this fund, as it will ultimately determine its success. You should be conscious of the fact that you’ll have to contend inflation, longevity and varying markets, once retired.

At InvestSense, we understand the importance of securing a long-lasting investment so you can obtain all your dreams and aspirations in retirement. Hence, correct portfolio’s pre-and post-retirement are of paramount importance in your journey to enjoy financial freedom.


Fiduciary Services and Tax Planning

Wills, trusts, tax and estate planning are a vital component of a well-developed financial plan. These services ensure peace of mind and that your loved ones are catered for as per your wishes. In addition, we assist high net worth individuals to set up family office structures with services that include tax compliance, accounting, trusteeship, trust and corporate administration, as well as financial and estate planning.


Life and Business Assurance

We offer comprehensive financial plans, which includes adequate and relevant insurance cover to protect you and your dependants against unforeseeable eventualities. In addition, businesses and business owners need protection too. Hence, we offer buy-and-sell and key-man assurance to guarantee that you, your assets and your legacy are fully protected. These protection components were designed to provide you with peace of mind.


Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an extremely efficient vehicle for staff members to prepare for a successful retirement. InvestSense offers advice and implementation of suitable group retirement annuities, umbrella fund structures and group risk assurance for employees, thus, removing the employer’s burden to create funds. Through our assistance, employers can provide these essential benefits to their employees without the stress of administration, investment decisions and fiduciary responsibilities.


Tax-Free Savings

Take advantage of a long-term discretionary investment option, where you can enjoy the benefit of not paying tax on the interest, capital gains or dividends you earn. These investment options allow for a maximum deposit of R36 000 per tax year and an overall lifetime limit of R500 000. As these accounts can be opened for minors as well, they are viewed as an excellent investment and savings vehicle for all South Africans.