Our Process

Our Process

Investment management is an increasingly complex industry, with a broad range of products and investment options available to clients. To assist us in delivering appropriate and informed investment planning advice, we have engaged with Fundhouse – an established global industry expert in the field of fund research and investments.

Fundhouse offers a customised service which allows us to implement our investment advice in the most efficient way possible. This benefits our clients directly and provides an additional level of comfort with respect to the quality and suitability of our investment options.



Through a comprehensive consultation process, which includes a detailed risk tolerance assessment, we gather essential information about a client’s current financial situation and their investment objectives and priorities. We perform extensive additional research and draw on our deep industry knowledge and experience, to propose the most suitable strategy to drive and support your financial goals.



To yield optimal returns, our boutique approach is backed by a diversity of global leaders in investment management. By utilising Allan Gray as an investment platform, we can offer our clients exposure to top investment opportunities both locally and offshore. In addition, our partnership with Fundhouse enables us to add further value to our client’s portfolio.



Needs, situations and goals may change over time, which is why we regularly review and analyse a client’s portfolio. We work closely with our clients to implement any changes, ensuring that investments and long-term financial objectives are aligned. We are fully cognisant that our success is subject to the results we achieve for our clients, thus we constantly look for ways to enhance our service offering.